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Although Warsaw is actually the capital of Poland, it attracts more visitors to Krakow. And not without reason, because Krakow is one of the oldest and most beautiful cities in Poland. Due to the fact that it was largely spared during the Second World War, you will still find many ancient monuments of different eras. Unique sights and many nightlife options make a trip to Krakow attractive to many, so hotels in the city can look forward to a steady increase in tourists.


One of the main attractions in Krakow is Wawel Castle , perched on the hill of the same name above the city. Below the castle is the Dragon’s Cave, which goes back to a legend around the Waweldrachen, in the national language Smok Wawelski. The legend of the Waweldrache states that he should have eaten the virgins of the city 100 years ago. To prevent this in the future, prince Krak, eponym of the city of Cracow, promised his daughter to the victor of the dragon. A cobbler eventually outwitted the dragon by giving him a pitch-filled sheep to eat, whereupon the dragon became so thirsty that he drank so much water from the Vistula River until it burst.

Today, a statue is reminiscent of the then threat of the dragon, which even spits fire every few minutes. As a visitor you should definitely have seen the kite, as it is almost a small landmark of Krakow.

More imposing than the dragon statue, however, is the castle Wawel on the hill. Already in the early Middle Ages, the first parts of the castle were built, which were then further expanded in the following years. In addition to the royal palace, the Wawel Cathedral and former barracks buildings now also belong to the complex. The Royal Castle is today one of the largest and most important museums in Poland.


A trip to the Wawelanhöhe thus provides many different attractions that should definitely be visited by visitors to Krakow. Located in the very center of Wawel and many other attractions, the Wawel Tourist Hotel is housed in a 16th century building. As a spa hotel it also offers its guests access to an inviting spa and spa area.


Wawel may be Krakow’s most famous landmark, but it’s far from being the only one in the city, with Rynek Główny , the main market, and Kazimierz, the Jewish quarter, two other attractions not to be missed in Krakow.

The main market of the city can not be missed when visiting Krakow, as it is the center of the Old Town . Built in the 13th century, it is today the largest medieval square in Europe. In the middle of the square are the impressive Cloth Hall, in Polish Sukiennice, which were rebuilt in 1500 in the Renaissance style. Built at the request of King Casimir the Great, people were trading here with English towels. Today you can visit the Cloth Hall itself as well as enter a museum below the halls. Here one discovered walls of buildings from the Middle Ages, which can now be viewed in the museum. There are also two well-known churches in the main market: St. Mary’s Church and St. Barbara’s Church.

If you want to delve deeper into the history of Krakow, a visit to Kazimierz is a must . This district of Krakow is known as the Jewish Quarter and gained attention especially through the film “Schindler’s List” again . Kazimierz was founded by Casimir the Great as an independent city and therefore named after him. Today you can visit some synagogues, the Old Cemetery, the Breite Straße and the Jewish Galicia Museum. Nearby was also the former ghetto Krakow and the factory of Oskar Schindler. During a guided tour of the neighborhood, you can also be very well informed about the historical events here.

Another attraction located in Krakow’s neighboring municipality is the Wieliczka Salt Mine , which also leaves its mark on its visitors.


In addition to impressive sights, Krakow offers its guests other amenities that make a stay in the city a great experience. For one thing, there are many budget hotels in Krakow, including hostels like the Dizzy Daisy . While these accommodations usually can not compete with 4-star hotels or 5-star hotels in terms of comfort, they are often still in an appealing location, in close proximity to the city’s attractions. Anyone who would rather spend their money on their leisure time than on accommodation, has a good chance of finding a suitable room in Krakow.

Likewise, there are countless upscale accommodations in Krakow, which delight their visitors with all sorts of extras and want to offer them a pleasant stay . Thus, in Krakow every type of travel can find the right thing for you.

Also in terms of gastronomy Krakow does not hide behind other cities. As with the hotels, you will find localities for every budget and every taste. Of course there are also numerous international restaurants in Krakow, but if you are already in a Polish city to visit, you should at least try their dishes at least once. Among the typical Polish specialties that are served here are, for example, pierogi , dumplings with different fillings or bigos, a stew with cabbage, meat, sausage and mushrooms. A recommendable restaurant is Pod Aniołami in the old town. Here you can get typical Polish dishes, but they are not prepared as hearty as usual.

With all the great sights, hotels and restaurants you find in Krakow, it does not always have to be London or Paris when it comes to planning the next city break.

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